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There are twenty years of experience behind the author of this program in programming and devising programs intended for accounting and business management, based on documents that are valid in terms of accounting.

This software has been developed on several program platforms, from COBOL, through CLIPPER, to the present-day variance in MS ACCESS, as well as on many operative systems form UNIX, through NOVELL and DOS, to the present MS XP- platform.

The first experience was acquired by the author working in a company with several thousand employees and huge production and wide ranging sales. Today, however, the program is mostly used by small-scale enterprises, although some of them exceed the size of medium enterprises.

The tools used in creating the whole package have been legally purchased, which renders safety to users regarding overall cooperation and the application’s operational safety.

Users’ training has been simplified to the maximum extent and it lasts indefinitely – as long as you are using this package. Most of the training is available through posing questions and receiving answers – on the phone. The author follows your work and makes occasional visits – especially in the beginning of your using the program, so as to turn your attention to possible omissions and to give you advice for a more qualitative usage of reports from various programs.

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