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What you find in front of you is the accounting program for running your own business.

This package enables managing of indefinite number of businesses, which makes it suitable for Accounting Agencies as well.

About twenty years of experience and actual implementation in practice in greatly various businesses and agencies, make this package adequate for most businesses and their most versatile requirements.

The finished solutions to be found in this package enable you to prepare, from the very beginning of using it, a great variety of reports required for your management or your accountants, or for the purpose of following up or managing your business and taking of business decisions.

Network operation is supported so that the most important segments of your business operations are covered through documents forming on the spot of their origin. This renders practically immediate data updating within the system, according to the principle of:
Just a single entry for all accounting entries“.

Program operation in two languages!

Each word you see on the screen or in the reports can be translated into any language supported by the English alphabet (English, German, Italian, …). In the “System” Program, find the word you want to translate and by simply pressing the “ALT” command, available at any screen within the package, you will have that word translated for all the screens and printing jobs.

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